Thursday, March 30, 2023

A new Beginning!

Staring at the ceiling. That's how it begins. In fact, that's how my entire day goes. Why, you ask? Because I can't get out of bed. Well, I can… but not without experiencing the most intense pain that starts in my lower back and shoots down my leg. We're talking almost passing out, nearly vomiting, and definitely crying type of pain. I can't go get food from the kitchen, leave my apartment or even make it to the couch. To put things in perspective, a trip to the bathroom and back results in an hour of hysterical crying while contemplating calling an ambulance. So, I lay here.

Fortunately, I have a lot to think about. Yesterday, my corporate job of 11 years called me. Not to check in—corporate America doesn't care that much anymore. No, they called to let me know that my job had been eliminated. They were sure to tell me it wasn't performance-related; I was an excellent employee. They were just closing the department they had transferred me to. There are many openings all over the company I could "apply for," but that's on me. They couldn't be bothered trying to find me something else. I was an excellent employee, but that would require thought and planning by them—which was obviously too much work.

So I lay here… thinking.

In reality, there's a lot I could get depressed over my current health situation, job situation, and losing my house while trying to finalize a messy divorce. Many things that I could choose to let bring me down. But in reality, I know I could be in better physical shape, and I wasn't happy in that job or that relationship. I've long known those things were weighing me down and especially holding me back. 

I realize I am actually very excited—excited about the future and what it can bring. Excited about starting a new career. And excited about life with my new partner (more on that later). 

Today, I start a new journey and set a new goal: 5 years to $5 million. This blog will document that journey. So hang on tight… I'm sure it'll be a wild ride.

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