Tuesday, May 2, 2023

The big question!

Is it possible? I think the logical question everyone asks is whether it's even possible to achieve such a lofty goal. Yes, I sincerely believe the answer is yes. However, I don't think it'll come from traditional methods, like putting money in some stocks and waiting. While I have successfully predicted a few big spikes in a few stocks over the years (DAKT 2006, AMC 2021), those are rare, and rely on others for success. The other route, working hard and saving, has merit, and I'm not afraid of hard work, but there's little chance this will yield the type of results I'm looking for.

Another issue… I don't have access to a bunch of cash. I don't have a big bank account, rich relatives, nor do I come from money.  While I do have emotional support, in terms of finances, there's no secret well I can tap. No magic bullet. No started fund. So, this will indeed need to be a rags-to-riches story.

I believe it will require a third path. The path many dream of, but are often too scared to take. But what do I have to lose (see my last post!)? It'll be the path of an entrepreneur. I've had success with building some small businesses in the past, but never to this magnitude. I've always been blocked… or more accurately, blocked myself.

But what will I build? What will I do? The good news is, I have a lot of ideas—perhaps too many. Stay tuned as I explore these ideas and embark on this journey to turn my dreams into reality.

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